Services 2.0- New way to begin

D-Link, founded in 1986, is the global leader in connectivity for small, medium and large enterprise business networking. D-Link's main focus is to provide excellence service to its customers and channel partners. It uses advanced technology in networking to help customers make the best use of solution and stay competitive in today's highly dynamic market. D-Link is recognized as world's top networking solution provider and most trusted organization.

In 2008, D-Link Expertise Center was inaugurated, working as on-line portal for training and certification. It is company's exposure to its training and certification program, an initiative from management to promote D-Link's ideas and to respond to market demands.

In 2010, D-link Academy was established. Academy helps to link employees, customers and channel partners with D-Link solutions and technology. It enhances their knowledge and advantage in market place. This training and certification program will satisfy user needs and will increase their knowledge in the networking domain.

D-Link Academy is making great efforts to create best training and certification program for its users. This program includes 2 levels of certification:

The 1st level is D-Link Certified Specialist (DCS), which target audience is technicians, sales and presales people. In order to become DCS certified, candidates must pass the DCS on-line written exam.

The 2nd level is D-Link Certified Professional (DCP), which target audience is those who have attained DCS certification. The purpose of DCP certification is to help participants understand how to operate D-Link products, including installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting. In order to become DCP certified, candidates must pass the DCP on-line written exam, as well as the Lab test.

D-Link Academy is committed to its channel business and employees, as a networking leader, we help develop our employees and co-work with channel partners to develop future network professionals. Academy will train them through certification, workshop and seminar. Let's start training and get to know more about D-Link's networking and business solutions.