Q1.How do I apply for an examination?
In the menu bar, select the section 'Certification' and then click on 'Current Examination', and then follow its instruction to complete the exam application process.
Q2.Where can I obtain the reading material?
In the menu bar, select the section 'Resource' and select 'Download' to download the materials for your reference.
Q3.How soon can I schedule an exam?
You can schedule your exam any time after 24 hours from the time of application.
Q4.Can I reschedule my exam?
Yes, you can. Go to the section 'Certification' then click on 'Current Examinations' to select the link to your original scheduled exam. Under the 'Exam Time' section, change the time accordingly and click the 'Submit' button.
Q5.What if I want to cancel a scheduled exam?
You can cancel a scheduled exam, but the same exam will only be available for re-application after FIVE days.
Q6.Can I close my browser during the exam? What if my Internet connection goes down?
DO NOT close your browser while your exam is in progress or when it has exceeded the scheduled time slot. In case of Internet connection failure, if you are still taking the exam within the scheduled time slot, please reconnect to the Internet and continue your exam by refreshing your browser, otherwise, the exam session will be closed.
Q7.Will I be able to finish my exam if I started it near the end of the scheduled time?
Yes, but you MUST NOT close your browser or disconnect from Expertise Center.
Q8.How do I find my exam result?
Your exam result will be analyzed and shown after your final answers have been submitted.
Q9.What is a DTID?
DTID stands for D-Link Test Identification which is a unique ID for the individual who has passed any examination.